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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are the ultimate exterior protection for your vehicle. We like to say they are a wax on steroids. Durability is measured in years instead of months when compared to traditional wax and sealants. Since they are extremely hydrophobic, they make washing your car a breeze and help to keep it cleaner longer. They are the best winter protection for your vehicle against road salt and brine because of their extreme chemical resistance.

Prices below do not include sales tax. Large SUV is any vehicle with 3rd row seating including minivans. Extremely dirty vehicles may be subject to extra charges. Oversized vehicles including trucks with caps and bodies, subject to extra charge.


Pricing below includes an exterior detail with the necessary prep work required to apply and install the ceramic coating. Paint correction, if desired, is an additional charge.


1 Year Coating      Car: $500     SUV: $550     Truck / Large SUV: $700

3 Year Coating     Car: $950     SUV: $1,000   Truck / Large SUV: $1,150

5 Year Coating     Car: $1,250   SUV: $1,300   Truck / Large SUV: $1,450

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