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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing?

At this time we do not have any bank financing available through our dealership. You would have to secure an auto loan on your own directly with a bank or credit union.

Besides an auto loan what other options are there if I need financing?


Some customers borrow out of their 401K or similar retirement account, take a home equity loan, secure a personal loan, or use a line of credit etc.

Do you take trades?

Yes, as long as the vehicle being traded is paid off and you have the title. If you still have a loan on your vehicle, we will not accept it for trade.

Will you hold a vehicle for me?

All vehicles are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We do not hold vehicles for any reason.

If you don't have a vehicle I am looking for, will you search for me?

No, we do not offer a vehicle finding service.

Do you do tag and title work on site?

Yes, we do. We are online with PennDOT so your vehicle will be registered and titled instantly.

What do I need to register and title a vehicle in Pennsylvania?

You will need a PA Drivers License or PA Photo ID Card and proof of auto insurance.


If I live out of state can you register my vehicle for me?

We are unable to. You will need to register your vehicle on your own at a local DMV office or tag service, depending on your state.

If you are from out of state, we will issue you a temporary "In-Transit Tag" that will allow you to drive your vehicle home to be registered in your home state.

Do I pay sales tax if I live out of state?

Not to us, but you will pay it to your home state when you register your vehicle.

Is an appointment needed for detailing services?

Yes, please call us at 484-601-3227 to schedule an appointment for detailing.

If I bring my vehicle for detailing, how long does it take?

Most vehicles are back to you the same day depending on the service being done.

Can I drop my vehicle off for detailing after hours?

Yes, you can park your vehicle back by the garage and place your keys in the keydrop in the back of the garage. We will call you when your vehicle is finished.

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