Professional Auto Detailing Services

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Honda CRV Interior & Exterior Detail

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Prices below do not include sales tax. Large SUV means any vehicle with 3rd row seating and minivans. Extremely dirty vehicles may be subject to extra charges. Oversized vehicles including trucks with caps and bodies, subject to extra charge.


Interior / Exterior Detail Package

Our most popular package that includes both interior & exterior packages below at a discounted rate.

Car: $320     SUV: $380     Truck / Large SUV: $450    

Interior Detail Package

A complete and thorough cleaning of the interior to bring it as close to new as possible. Includes air purge of all crevices, vacuuming of interior & trunk, steam cleaning of all interior surfaces, carpets/seats/floor mats cleaned & shampooed, spot cleaning of stains & headliner, windows cleaned, and more.

Car: $200     SUV: $250     Truck / Large SUV: $280

Exterior Detail Package

Includes exterior hand wash, drying of vehicle, bug removal, wheel wells cleaned, wheels cleaned, tires cleaned, tire shine, door jambs cleaned & waxed, fuel door cleaned, and sealant wax applied to paint.

Car: $170     SUV: $200     Truck / Large SUV: $250

Maintenance Detail

This service is only available for vehicles that have already been detailed and are in good condition. A great way to keep your vehicle looking great after a thorough detailing.

Includes exterior hand wash, drying of vehicle, wheel faces cleaned, tire shine, interior quick vacuum, dash wiped, and windows cleaned. Spray wax available for extra fee.

Car: $50     SUV: $60     Truck / Large SUV: $80

1 Year Exterior Ceramic Coating Package

Includes the exterior detail package above, iron remover treatment, paint surface preparation, and application of Gyeon's 1 year Si02 ceramic coating to all painted surfaces of your vehicle. We can apply the coating to exterior trim and glass for an extra fee, if desired.


Our 1 Year ceramic coating from Gyeon has been a hit with our customers. Unlike traditional wax or sealants, it lasts much longer and makes it easier to keep your vehicle clean. People love the fact it is once and done for the year. Gyeon rates the lifespan of the ceramic coating at 1 year but we find it lasts much longer. This is the ultimate winter protection for your vehicle against the road salt and brine.




Car: $500     SUV: $550     Truck / Large SUV: $625

Windshield Chip Repair

Stone chips on your front windshield will spread if not repaired due to temperature fluctuations and expansion from hitting pot holes etc. We can fix chips in your windshield if the damage is smaller than the size of a quarter. Repairing your factory windshield keeps the structural integrity of your vehicle and does not jeopardize the factory seal which can lead to leaks from a full windshield replacement.

First Chip Repaired: $100     Each Additional Chip: $40 each



Headlight Restoration

We can restore your foggy headlights to look like new and save you money versus installing new ones. Unlike cheaper headlight restoration services, we restore headlights the right way and apply a UV protective clear coat  so the results last years instead of weeks.

Most Headlights: $125.00 / Pair